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jQuery Accordion (play that tune m8!)

I have found lots of jQuery plugins that offer the solution to the problem of the accordion. But, if I find a problem easy to solve, I prefer to rely on my own design. So, here goes:


You want to create an accordion, that is, a group a divs (or any other kind of block DOM elements for that matter) that appear when a “button” is pressed. Continue reading

Browser history cache

Let’s say you want to get data from a box but there’s no shell (remember “Where there is a shell, there is a way-Unix” 🙂 ) or there is no alternative option to collect information about a user. Well, there is, now you have this.

This is a proof-of-concept code by Zalewski, a Google Security Researcher

I tried it and worked both in Opera and Chrome, Firefox with NoScript add on failed (obvious). Firefox without NoScript worked well enough.

Hopefully, I’ll comment more about this exploit sometime later 🙂

Have fun reading the PoC code 🙂