What happens when you let your guards “unguarded”?

I’m about to recycle some thoughts that derive from the NSA incident and the greek economic crisis. For the NSA part I guess you already know what’s going on, in a nutshell, NSA is able to wiretap pretty much anyone. For the greek economic crisis part, although what I am about to say is just a small fragment of what’s going on, yet, it is valid.

Both cases boil down to one simple sentence

We left our guards, unguarded.

What do I mean? We have the right to vote, in other words we have the right to choose laws, choose politicians, give some of our duties (or liberties, I prefer liberties) to third trusted parties(TTPs) so that we have more free time to do anything else. It is obvious that the people can’t be cops, intelligence personnel, security officers etc at the same time plus some of these jobs require a certain amount of specialization. Summing it up, it is far more easy and painless to outsource some of your rights in TTPs, yet you are left with one, simple but necessary duty which is guarding your guards and if you think they misuse their power, revoke them.

If you watch closely the greek economic crisis, you’ll see a great misuse of power, from cops attacking demonstrations for no reason up to the point where they kidnap immigrants seeking political asylum and sending them back to their countries. We, as citizens, left our guards unattended and they revoked our right to revoke their duties thus we are pretty much owned at the time. NSA’s case is pretty much the same.

But there is a deeper problem here as well. Not only we left our guards unguarded, we are not able to draw a boundary between what’s truly helpful and what feels helpful when it’s not. We, unintentionally I hope, mistake reason with feelings. After the 9/11 incident airports filled with scanning machines, checks, more checks, even more checks and the thing goes on. According to facts, in Greece we had NO cases of airplane hijacking. I could give millions of examples but at the same time in Greece people, there’s no rehab programs working 100%, there’s no medical care working 100% and the list goes on.  We focus on things that make us feel secure when we should focus on things that are truly secure.

That’s weird actually.

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