This is frite.
0x109 was a project for my university that was supposed to be a hackerspace. Truth is that although my university has two departments dealing with computer science in various aspects, it has a foss community, it didn’t have a pure coding community (hackerspace).

The 0x109 derives from a windows blue screen of death and means critical structure corruption. I thought that the name of the BSOD was funny, I also liked the 0x109 and this is how it became the name of the blog. About me, I love dirtbikes, programming, freeBSD, I’ll be getting my B.Sc. in computer science (?) in May 2012. Currently studying my M.Sc. in infosec.

For those of you who want to drop me a mail.
kafrofrite at gmail 🙂 My public key is here


Thanks to tuxfamily, for letting me host my project here 🙂


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  1. δουλεύεις κάπου ή σπουδάζεις ακόμα?

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